Unable to travelCurious people like traveling very much. These people resemble me. If you are a regular reader of my blog, you have already read many times that I am easily bored with something that surrounds me during a long period of time. I cannot live in a single country for a long time. I hate seeing the same people every day. Traveling is the only option for me to keep my mind in a healthy condition. I usually fell into deep depressions while dwelling in a single city for a long time. Sometimes it becomes very boring for me to live, and therefore, I need to motivate myself. I understand that I am not alone in the world and there are millions of people who share my ideas and preferences. 

You may be a great fan of traveling. You may be ready to leave everything in order to have an opportunity to travel the world right now. You may love to do it but you may be unable to start traveling right now. Am I right? Sometimes, we become slaves of the external circumstances and factors that we cannot control. You may be unable to travel due to a multitude of different factors. There is no need to give you the list of them because they are very diverse and vary all the time. So what should you do if you are extremely curious, you don’t want anything in your life except traveling, and at the same time, you have no ability to travel the world? Do you think that you should give up and continue living your boring life? You may do it but your needs and desires won’t be satisfied. We usually feel ourselves unsatisfied and frustrated when we are unable to reach our objectives.

There is a huge amount of great options for those people who are interested in traveling but are not able to do it. Let me suggest you something.


There are loads of different books dedicated to traveling. Some of these books narrate about the history and geography of particular countries. Others may give you some modern information. There are also lots of book telling you about the ethnography of particular nations. It is very interesting to read them. If you know something about different countries and their nations, your travel will unquestionably become more interesting and conscious. I understand that reading travel books won’t fully satisfy your interest to physical traveling. However, it will help you in your situation and you will be sure that your time is not simply wasted because of your disability to travel the world. You can explore the world right now. Download or buy yourself different travel books and enjoy reading them. Be sure that one day you will depart from your land. I really wish you this. No one can stop you if you want something. Believe in it and one day you will start traveling. 


Travel programs are extremely popular nowadays. They were not so popular a couple of decades ago. Ther are numerous TV channels dedicated to traveling. You may have some free time every day and I suggest you to spend it watching something beneficial for you. We have stated that traveling is your main priority. If that is correct, you should start watching travel films and programs. These broadcasts can enlarge your horizons and give you some new knowledge. You will learn about new countries and destinations. Watching travel programs and films is one of the best ways to start traveling even if you are physically unable to do it. 


The power of the Internet is really infinite. The Internet has become more popular than television. Millions of people regularly visit the cyberspace. There are already loads of different online resources dedicated to traveling. Travel blogs are tremendously popular nowadays. Use the Internet to satisfy your travel desires and ambitions. Explore the world from the Internet. That may sound not comforting enough but you should remember that nothing lasts forever. Your current days will end and you will be able to start traveling. No doubts that one day you will do it. Now, when you are restricted by a large number of different physical circumstances, you should do what you can do. Obtain as more travel information as you can. Learn about different travel tips and destinations. Regularly visit different travel blogs to obtain more touristic knowledge. 

The Internet is useful for every occasion. This instance is not an exclusion, and therefore, you should compensate your disability by online traveling. 


Every single nation have its own unrepeatable kitchen. A great variety of different food available around the world makes our life more interesting and exciting.  You like traveling because you are an open-minded person. You are too curious to waste your time living in a single country all your life. I understand your situation because I have been to it. There was the time when I was also unable to travel. You should not give up. Look at your current situation and do something right now. Do something that will compensate your negative emotions and feelings connected with your disability to start traveling right now. Browse the Internet and look for different international kitchens. You may be interested in Thai, Chinese, Philippinian, or Carribean foods. Write down some recipes and cook. 


You may want to start traveling because you are already fed up with people who surround you in your city. They are not interesting for you anymore. You understand their mentality and thinking. You can always predict their lifestyle and preferences. Did I exactly guess your thoughts? I am sure that I did it because I have also been in the same situation. I am not tired of repeating that people are like books. When you see a new book, you are interested in it and you want to read and explore it. After you finish it, you won’t have any interest anymore. The same thing happens with our relationship. A new person is always interesting and attractive for us. However, when you have already known him closer, you lose your interest. It can be terrible to live in a single city for a long period of time because you may isolate yourself from your community. Why and when does it happen? It happens because you are tired of the same people and cannot bear them anymore. 

This is one of the most significant reasons why so many people want to start traveling. We want to renew our life and have some new feelings and emotions. We wish some cultural diversity. Travelling makes our life interesting and that is the main reason why so many people around the world adore traveling. 

Every country is visited by foreigners. You also have some people who came to visit your country. You may think that your country is annoying but there are loads of people who may find it very interesting. I do not encourage you to love and stay in your country. Look for some places in your city which are frequently visited by foreigners. Visit these places and communicate with tourists. Ask them about their countries and the places they have already visited. Thus, you existence will become more interesting and exciting. You will stop thinking that you waste your time with no purpose and benefit. 

Communicate with foreigners from your city and you may feel yourself like a traveler. If a physical communication is not affordable to you due to some reasons, you may always use the Internet to find yourself some foreign friends. Social networks and such online dating services like Badoo can be very helpful in these situations. 

Having no ability to travel can be extremely sad and frustrating. Sometimes, we are unable to do what we want to do. This is a cold reality of our life and we should accept and realize it. It is necessary not to give up in this situation. Remember that everything is temporary in this life. Your life will change and one day you will start traveling.

Written by ProBackpacker
I am an avid backpacker who shares his knowledge and travel tips with the world. Check out my latest journeys, travel guides, and backpacking gear reviews.