Paradise Bay in KemerParadise Bay is a fascinatingly beautiful bay situated in Kemer, Chamyuva, Antalya. This bay is a multi-colored jewel of Kemer and one of the most picturesque and wonderful places in Antalya. If you enjoy natural beauty, sea, and clean seawater through which you can see vivacious seal life, forests, and wild beaches, then Paradise Bay is a place where you should spend at least a few days. This destination is ideal for camping, picnics, swimming, and yachting. 


Paradise Bay ChamyuvaParadise Bay in Kemer is a natural resort that is absolutely free to visit. There is no entrance fee, no administration, no police, and no guards in the Bay. You are free to come and leave without any payment, registration, and any other similar things. I stayed in Paradise Bay for 12, and I paid zero money for the entrance and my stay.  


Before coming to Paradise Bay, I went to a supermarket in Konyaalti and bought 5 liters of water. I thought that water would be a problem in Paradise Bay. 5 liters of water is a bad weight for every backpacker. We try to avoid additional weight in our backpacks. It is a problem when you need to carry 5 liters of water with you. 

I didn't actually need this water because Paradise Bay has a drinkable water spring that comes under the earth. It is cold and very tasty. Thus, don't torture yourself by buying water. Paradise Bay has plenty of drinkable water available for you 24/7. 


Getting to Paradise Bay is very easy. It is situated 53,7 km from Konyaalti. You can get to Paradise Bay by any bus or a microbus (dolmus) that goes to Kemer. If you have a car, you can turn on Google Maps, and easily find Paradise Bay on navigation. 


If you are in Konyaalti, you can easily reach Paradise Bay by bus. Go to the Antalya bus terminal (otogar) and look for a microbus that goes to Kemer. All microbuses there have labels. You will easily find one that goes to Kemer. 

Once you are on a bus, tell to the driver that you want to go to "Cennet Koy or Jannat Koy" (Paradise Bay in the Turkish language). If you say in English "Paradise Bay", nobody will understand you since only a small amount of Turkish people understand English. Don't hope that bus drivers are among them. Thus, you should let the driver know that your destination point is "Jannat Koy" – "Paradise Bay".

Paradise Bay is situated just before the Phaselis antic city. The first turn to the left before the Phaselis antic city is the road to Paradise Bay. The driver will drop you down there, and you will have to walk a little bit. You will be on a road surrounded on the left side by the mountains and by a forest on the right side. After passing this landscape, you will see a glad, people with their tents, and a beautiful sea. You are officially in Paradise Bay.


Getting to Paradise Bay is very easy. Turn on your Google Maps navigation and follow the route. If you are driving to Paradise Bay from the side of Kemer, Paradise Bay will be the last turn to the left before the turn to the Phaselis antic city. Paradise Bay doesn't have any headings and signs. A person who is hoping to find Paradise Bay by signs will get lost. The Bay is unmarked. 

If you are driving to Paradise Bay from the side of Fethiye, Kas, and all other cities in that direction, Paradise Bay will be the first turn to the right after you pass the Phaselis antic city. After your pass Phaselis which will be on the right side of you, watch the first turn to the right and you will get to Paradise Bay.

As of July 22, 2022, the entrance to Paradise Bay is closed for cars and minivans. You will see big concrete obstacles at the entrance. If you are persistent enough, your motorbike or bicycle can pass the border. 


Paradise Bay AntalyaWhen you arrive at Paradise Bay (if you come during summer, spring, or any other travel-camping-friendly time), you will see dozens of tents and loads of people with their families and friends. You will also smell the food they cook every day. There is no toilet in Paradise Bay. Everyone uses a nearby forest as WC. 

At first, you might be disappointed because the place is crowded, and the smell of food is not very pleasant. When you feel that the place doesn't seem too paradisiacal, you should climb the nearby hill and you will see the real Paradise Bay when you go down from the hill on the other side. 

You will see a small wild beach and the bay. That place is absolutely clean and you will find few people. You can swim in the sea and rest on that beach. As for camping, climb up the forest behind the beach and build your camp there. There are no people in that forest. I was safely leaving my tent there, going shopping, coming back, and saw my stuff untouched. The place is completely safe.


Camping in Antalya

My tent in Paradise Bay. I was camping in a forest.

There are no hotels, no hostels, no guest houses, and no buildings in Paradise Bay. It is a completely wild area. If you decide to spend a few days here, you should have a tent. You can camp anywhere you want. Officially, camping in nearby forests is forbidden. However, nobody is there to catch you. Just make sure not to put the forest on fire and everything will be okay. 


There are no animals except mosquitoes and flies. I camped in Paradise Bay in a deep forest uninhabited by campers, backpackers, and other visitors. During those days, no animal disturbed be. Neither was I a witness of animals except for mosquitoes and flies. You are safe there!


During my 12-day stay in Paradise Bay, I had to resupply myself with food several times. If your stay will be short (1-2 days), you don't have to worry about getting food in Paradise Bay because likely you will bring your food with you and it will suffice for such a short period of time. 

If you came for a longer period of time and will need a place to buy food, you can always leave Paradise Bay the same way you entered it and walk 1 km to the nearest SOK market. This is exactly what I was doing. Just make sure to go shopping after 17-00 o'clock when the scorching hot sun will be less torturous. Otherwise, if you go in the morning or afternoon, your clothes will be soaked in your sweat, and you will suffer from the scorching hot sun. 


Swimming in Paradise BayI was swimming there at the start of July and the water was very pleasant. It was very comfortable and I didn't have to force myself to stay in the water as it often happens when you feel that the sea is cold.

Swimming in Antalya

I was swimming during the afternoons and resting in shadows from the rocks.

Paradise Bay has a stony beach. Make sure to take some summer shoes to walk on the beach. Otherwise, your feet will hurt. Also, when you start entering the sea, go until the point when water reaches your knees and then immediately immerse yourself in the sea. Otherwise, it is very easy to fall because the stones are very slippery. 

There are no sea urchins, sharks, or jellyfishes in the sea. Swimming there is absolutely safe. However, be careful of coral rigs. You can easily hurt your feet if you don't see the rigs around you. 

This is all the information you would ever need to have fascinating holidays in Paradise Bay, Kemer, Chamyuva. I hope you will fully enjoy your retreat. If you still have any questions regarding Paradise Bay, please, don't hesitate to ask me in the comments section. 

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