traveling changes your lifeMost of tourists have a common style of traveling. They buy a ticket, book a hotel for a few days, and go abroad. What do people usually do during these days? They visit famous places in a country, do some shopping, and sometimes, they visit different restaurants, cafes, and night clubs. This is one of the most common ways to travel. Let me tell you that I am not a fan of this travel style. First of all, a few days are not sufficient to explore a country, its people, and their national mentality. My approach to travel is absolutely different. I cannot call a short presence in a country as a travel. It is a simple vacation and it cannot be considered as traveling. Of course these, small trips may make some changes in your mind, give you different ideas and thoughts. I have been visiting different countries during a short period of 15 or 17 days, and I can definitely tell you that even small trips may make a great impact on your life. I have had very short international visits that totally changed my worldview. We should not underestimate the importance of small trips because they are also very influential. 

Travelling can change your life. No doubts, both small trips, and long-term voyages are capable of altering your worldview, ideas, and future life plans. Let me explain to you why and how traveling changes your life.


Have you ever observed your life from aside? Try to analyze your life. You will find out that you spend most of your time working. You have no excitement and diversity in your life. Every day you see the same people and you go to the same building. That is what exactly happens in your life. While you abandon that boring lifestyle and start traveling, you realize different things which were hidden from you before. You start understanding that your whole life was one of the most boring things in this world. Our current preoccupation with our job or a business does not leave us any free time to realize very important things. 100% of your thoughts are concentrated on your business. Sometimes, people are unable of having a good sleep. They do not stop thinking about their daily problems even at nights. We are too busy to be able to realize things that may change our life. Traveling lets you forget about all routine and you have more time to analyze and think about your life. 


Our worldview formulates out thoughts, ideas, plans, and values. That is true. Do you remember your worldview ten years ago? 10 years ago it was completely different and you were another person. Our life changes and we change with it. However, I see millions of people whose life does not change. These people spent several decades living in a single place and making the same work. I usually question myself about the reasons of this lifestyle. I am the person who always strives to change and develop, and therefore, it is very difficult for me to understand people who do not change during long periods of time. I think that it is essential to change, develop, and enhance our personalities. It is very hard to change when you live in the same country for a long period of time. Every country has its own official ideology and national mentality. Usually, people of the same country  have the same thinking, values, and ideals. I realize that there are some exceptions. If we look at the developed countries, we will see that people there are very individualistic. They do not resemble each other and their thinking is absolutely dissimilar. Living in one country and having the same friends won’t make any changes in your worldview.  We need to have a new experience in order to change. Will you change if you live in one room for 20 years? Of course, you won’t. You definitely will degenerate, your intellectual skills and abilities will decrease. If you read some books and obtain new information, you may save your brain and spirit. There are some countries in the world where reading is very popular. It is necessary to keep in mind that there is a multitude of different countries where people do not read books. This hobby is unpopular in some areas. Imagine yourself people, who spend all their life in one city and do not read books. Can you predict their intellectual level? It will be extremely low. 

Traveling gives you a new experience and enriches your knowledge. Meeting new people and visiting different places will change your worldview. You will become more open-minded and liberal.


While traveling, you visit different countries. You will see different nations and their lifestyles. There are different business enterprises in the world and you will find out some commerce activities that do not exist in your country. I have visited many countries and I can tell you that business is very diverse around the world. Ice-cream in Egypt is very small. I don’t know why, but I could not find some good, big ice-cream in Egypt. That may be a good idea to produce big ice-cream and sell it in Egypt. You will surely make a good profit from this enterprise. Traveling gives you a huge amount of different business ideas. You will see unlike commerce opportunities around the world. 


If you want to be completely free, you should start traveling. Residing in a single country will tire you and you won’t be free. Nothing can be more boring and annoying than living in one country for a long period of time.  What is freedom and what types of freedom do exist? Freedom may be financial, spiritual, intellectual, physical, ideological and religious. There are more types of freedom but I have already mentioned the most important of them.  There are people who use traveling to earn money. Travelling is their profession and they enjoy it. Thus, we can say that traveling gives them financial freedom. No doubts that every country brainwashes its citizens. The government ideology is aimed to brainwash everyone. Hence, living in one particular country may be very dangerous for your ideological freedom. You are not ideologically free if you are brainwashed. A physical freedom is the most important thing. The absence of this type of freedom may limit your abilities. When I say the absence of physical freedom I mean imprisonment. Being locked up is one of the most terrible things that may happen to you in your life. You may forget about everything if you are locked up. You won’t be able to make business, sex, travel, and enjoy your life. If you may lose your physical freedom in your country, you should immediately abandon it and start traveling.  When you travel, you have fewer chances to lose your physical freedom. If you live in a very religiously strict country, you may not be able to choose your desired lifestyle. Travel and no one will be able to limit your standard of living. Religious countries have a great impact on their citizens. These countries control everything. For example, western TV channels and web resources are forbidden in Iran. I know some Iranians who go to Turkey in order to enjoy the freedom of the Internet. I ask them about their activities in Turkey and they say that they spend all their time browsing on the Internet. Iranians do not have this opportunity in their homeland. 

There is a multitude of different freedoms. You won’t be happy if you lose any of them. Dwelling in a single country for a long period of time may be very dangerous for your freedom. Travel and you will be free!

Written by ProBackpacker
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