make your journey pleasurableTravel can be both pleasurable or annoying. It depends on a variety of different circumstances and factors. What is the most responsible for the quality of your trip? I can divide the responsibility into two pieces. You are responsible for the first part and another part is dependent on some factors that are out of your control. However, it is always necessary to do everything in order to guarantee yourself very pleasurable and satisfactory travel. I am a fan of traveling and I am very experienced in this lifestyle. I am aware of all the factors that may enhance the quality of your journey and I am also aware of the things that may spoil it. Let me suggest you something that will definitely help you to have a pleasurable trip.


Plan everything before you depart. It is absolutely impossible to plan and predict everything when it comes to traveling. There may be some occasions and circumstances that will be out of your management. On the other hand, it is necessary to make a detailed plan before you leave your country. Decide what airlines you will use. If you have enough money, you may fly using the first class. Thus, your traveling will start with a great comfort and pleasure. You can always use different online services that will help you to make a thorough plan of your trip. One of the best online services that will help you do everything is This website is the best among all the available resources that may help you to plan your trip. You can book a flight to any destination, book a hotel in any city, book a car and do many other things using 

Plan how long will your trip last. Make some researches on the Internet to find out the most attractive and famous places that you will visit during your trip. Take a notebook and write down everything. 

Planned traveling is the best tool to make your trip very enjoyable.


Take a friend with yourself. There are loads of travelers who enjoy traveling alone. I perfectly understand the reasons why they prefer traveling without a travel partner. There are many advantages of traveling alone. However, if you plan to have a short trip, be sure that you won’t have any problems or disadvantages if you travel with your friend. Being with someone is definitely more interesting and exciting than traveling alone. Sometimes it may be even safer if you plan to travel in dangerous areas. How often do you visit a night club alone? I think that there is a really pity amount of people who visits clubs alone. There is no doubt that you will want to visit some clubs during your trip. Having a friend with yourself will be very beneficial and appropriate in this situation. 

If you decided to travel with a friend. Share your plans and intentions with him. You should have the same expectations with your partner in order to avoid possible conflicts and misunderstanding while traveling. Make sure you have the same budget because it won’t be good if you decide to stay at 5 stars hotel when your friend has a small amount of money that will only let him stay in a hostel. Negotiate these things before you start your traveling. 

If everything is OK and you are sure that your trip with a friend will be enjoyable, you should stop thinking about lonely traveling.


It is necessary to be risky and adventurous while traveling. Traveling in a city does not have enough factors that may give you some adventures. Usually, adventures and some exciting events happen in rural areas, jungles , forests, and other dangerous and unpredictable areas. It can be unsafe to travel in some countries of the world, and therefore, do not accept my advice too directly. Adventurous trip does not mean dangerous.  You may be involved yourself in some kinds of extreme sports and activities. Thus your journey will become adventurous. 


You should always be cautious. You may be visiting different dangerous and criminal areas while traveling. Remember that locals usually treat travelers like big bags with money. Everyone knows that you are a tourist, and as a result, you must have some money. Locals are aware of this fact. If you are not cautious enough, you may lose your financial assets or your life. South America is one of the most dangerous and unpredictable regions of the world. The same things may happen to you in any Asian country. Keep your documents in your hotel room case. Do not walk with too much money in your wallet. Be aware of your smartphone and camera because they can be easily seized off you. If you trip somewhere and in the end of your journey you are robbed, you indisputably won’t enjoy your traveling. 

Your safety is one of the most important factors that will guarantee you a pleasurable trip. 


Travelling means interacting with new people, cultures, and traditions. Spend some time of your trip interacting and communicating with local people.  You will find it very interesting and pleasurable for yourself. I am sure that you are already bored by people who surround you in your native city. Forget about them and interact with new cultures. You will find this process very stress-relieving.

Written by ProBackpacker
I am an avid backpacker who shares his knowledge and travel tips with the world. Check out my latest journeys, travel guides, and backpacking gear reviews.