enjoy solo travelSolo travel is one of the most beneficial and advantageous forms of traveling. There are loads of fans and haters of solo travel. I am a fan of it. Haters of solo travel claim that traveling solo is extremely boring and dangerous. I will never agree with these sayings. In my opinion, any form of travel can be dangerous and boring if organized incorrectly. At the same time, there are a lot of uncommunicative people who cannot build contact with local people. These weirdos stick to a single person they know for a long period of time and dislike making new acquaintances. I am sure the weirdos will never be able to enjoy solo travel since they are boring and closed people.

As I said before, I am a great fan of solo travel since I know how to make it pleasurable. For me, solo travel is never boring, nor dangerous. I know how to transfer a simple trip to a fascinatingly adventurous journey. Here are some of the best tips to make your solo travel captivating. Do the following things, and you will enjoy your solo travel.


Apart from being financially profitable, being communicative has numerous advantages. Communicative people are never bored since they always have somebody to communicate with and have fun with. Communicative people easily make new friends.

Being a stranger in a city has loads of advantages and positive sides. Local people are always interested in foreigners. For example, when I travel somewhere, locals always want to talk to me. In most cases, I support their interest and avidly tell them about my personality. In some rare cases, when I am extremely tired, I just make like I don’t know their language. This usually works very well.

No matter how a tremendously deep introvert you are, you will certainly need some people to communicate with. A human being is a social creature. We are psychologically incapable of living without any communication for a long period of time. Solo travel can be boring when you don’t make new friends in your new destinations. To make solo travel more interesting, try mastering your social skills.


Having sex with foreign girls is not the only motivation a real man might have while traveling. We travel to enlarge and widen our knowledge, worldview, and horizons. Exploring and discovering unknown things is one of the main purposes of travel. Even when you are traveling absolutely alone, you can always feel the joy of getting new knowledge on your trips. Tasting new food, talking to foreigners, and visiting interesting places are always very captivating activities. Learn to explore and discover, thus, you will enjoy solo travel.


Every city has its own Miss Beauties. Everywhere, you will be able to find gorgeous and very passionate girls. If you travel from one city to another, I recommend getting new girlfriends in every new city you visit. This approach will improve your seduction skills. As it was said: “Girls are like fruits, and every fruit has its unique taste.” Therefore, do not restrict yourself to sticking to the same girl all the time. The variety of women is a great advantage. Hence, do not lose this opportunity. Solo travel is beyond doubt sexier and much hotter than traveling with a girlfriend.

Enjoy every single second of your solo journey. Solo travel is much better than traveling with someone. While you are solo, you will be the BOSS of your trip. You are independent to choose your shelter, food, places you want to visit, and all other things. Traveling with someone can probably cause loads of arguments and conflicts. Solo travel makes you free.

Written by ProBackpacker
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