choose a travel partnerTraveling alone has lots of advantages and benefits. Some of them are that you are the only BOSS of your voyage, you set your goals, plans, and your timeframe for every single trip. In your individual lonely trip, you do not need to cooperate with your actions with anyone. I like traveling alone and I have never traveled with someone. This type of traveling may be very appropriate for extremely individualistic and independent people. Exceedingly deep introverts are fans of traveling alone. However, I recognize the disadvantage of this type of traveling. Sometimes it may become very boring for you to travel on your own. Traveling with a partner is more interesting and funny. At the same time traveling with someone has its own cons. While traveling with a travel partner, you will definitely encounter some difficulties and problems. Your preferences may not resemble the interests and plans of your travel partner. This situation may cause some conflicts and disagreements.

If you are not a fan of traveling alone and you have finally decided to travel with a partner, you should implement the following tips in order to choose yourself an appropriate travel partner.


While selecting a travel partner, you should keep in mind that both of you need to have common interests in order to avoid disagreements during your voyage. There are some diverse things that you will want to do. Your partner is an individual and he has his own priorities and interests. Here are two short instructions that will help you to identify your common interests.


Take two pieces of paper and write your interests and plans to do in your voyage. Your potential travel partner should do the same thing. After you are finished, compare your lists. If these lists are too much different, it will be better for you if you do not travel together. You won’t be able to enjoy a trip that is full of negative emotions and feelings.

This travel partner may not fit you and you might always continue searching for somebody new. Finally, you will find someone who has the same interests and plans as you. Traveling with such a travel partner will be a pure pleasure. 


It is very important to consider how strong and energetic your partner is. You may prefer very active types of activities such as climbing mountains and hiking. If your potential travel partner is old or very weak, he won’t be able to participate in these activities. Therefore, your social trip won’t be successful. Choose someone who has the same energy and strength level. It is one of the most important factors you need to consider before choosing yourself a travel partner. 


There are situations when you may want to stay in a 5-star hotel but your travel partner may have no financial ability to stay there. At the same time, maybe some of you will wish to stay at a hostel and another one is addicted to luxury travel. You should plan your travel budget before your trip. If your financial capabilities are too different, I advise you not to start traveling together. Your travel may become torture for both of you if you do not find any compromises.


This is the most important quality that every traveler should have. You won’t be able to travel if you are not flexible enough. There may be situations when you are completely out of your money. What will you do in this situation if you cannot adapt to new situations and circumstances? 

You need to choose a travel partner who is flexible and adaptable to any situation. There are some people who have difficult characters. It would be better for you if you do not travel with them. Imagine how will he act in difficult situations. 

Memorize these factors and choose your travel partner very carefully if you want to really enjoy your voyage.

Written by ProBackpacker
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