Guide to Konyaalti BeachKonyaalti Beach in Antalya is one of the most famous and popular beaches in the world. Personally, Konyaalti Beach is my most favorite beach in Turkey. It is one of the most accessible beaches in the Mediterranean region of Turkey. I love Konyaalti Beach, and I will provide you with all the information and tips on how to have the best weekends or holidays on picturesque Konyaalti Beach. 


Konyaalti Beach is also called Konyaalti Plaji in the Turkish language. It is located in the western part of the city and stretches for 13 km. On one side Konyaalti Beach borders nightclubs, coffee shops, cafes, restaurants, and bars. On the other side, the beach end with "Aqualand" center on Dumlupinar boulevard. 

How to get to Konyaalti Beach

Most buses that go to Konyaalti will also take you to Konyaalti Beach

Getting to Konyaalti Beach is very easy. If you are in the Antalya airport, then it is better to take a ride in the metro and get out in Muratpasa. From Muratpasa, you can take the bus KC06. Tell the bus driver to drop you in the Altinkum district. From there, you will need to walk 5 minutes to reach Konyaalti beach. 

All buses that pass the Konyaalti district will take you to Konyaalti beach. KC06 is one of the most popular buses that go from Muratpasa to Konyaalti. However, there are other buses too. The best thing is to always ask a driver whether he goes to Konyalti or not. If a bus goes to Konyaalti, then you can confidently get in. "Altinkum mahalla" or "Sea Life hotel" should be your destination points. 

In most cases, buses are full and there is no chance to ask a driver to drop you at a certain location. In this case, start a conversation with other passengers and tell them you need to get to Konyaalti Beach. Turkish people are very kind and they will surely help you. 


One of the best things I love about Konyaalti Beach is that it is composed of fine pebble and sand. It isn't like Lara Beach which is purely composed of sand. This microscopic sand gets inside your shoes, bags, and even smartphone. Sand on Lara beach can even damage your phone by getting inside. 

Konyaalti beach in autumn.

Konyaalti Beach in autumn. Pebbles and sand.

On Konyaalti Beach, sand is composed of fine pebbles and sand. It is very pleasant to walk on the beach. While approaching the sea, stepping on pebbles gets more painful. Therefore, I advise wearing swimming shoes or at least open summer shoes. These shoes will help you get to the sea and get out of it. Otherwise, stepping on the small stones is a little bit painful. Plus, the beach is scorching hot during the summers. 


Konyaalti beach is a public beach. It is absolutely free to visit the beach and spend there as much time as you wish. You don't have to pay any fees. There are no limitations on how much time you can spend swimming or laying on the beach. 

Areas that belong to nearby cafes, bars, and hotels are packed with deckchairs and umbrellas. If you want to use them, you can get access to these areas for a daily or hourly fee. The prices aren't too high. 


Konyaalti Beach is one of the most well-maintained beaches in the world. The beach is situated right in front of the city municipality building. Early in the morning, workers of the city municipality clean the beach from rubbish. 

Konyaalti Beach is divided into several sections. Each section has its own cleaners who look for the cleanliness on the beach. Thus, you don't have to be worried about cleanliness while visiting Konyaalti Beach. Hygiene and cleanliness are at a high level everywhere in Turkey. 


Konyaalti Beach in Antalya is a 13 km long beach. It is divided into sections. Each of the sections has a toilet and free shower. 

Toilets on Konyaalti Beach are very clean and well-maintained. Usually, female and male WC has two sections. There is cold tap water as well as liquid soap users can use after going to the toilet. 

Showers are situated on the beach. The water is cold which feels very pleasant during a scorching hot day. After swimming in the salty sea, you can rinse the salty sea water in the shower for absolutely free. 


As a modern beach, Konyaalti Beach features all the necessary facilities for a comfortable time on the beach. If you need to put on your swimming shorts, or a bikini, or change your clothes, each section of Konyaalti Beach has dressing cabins. They are absolutely free. 


cafes and bars on konyaalti beachIf you want to have a breakfast coffee with toast, a lunch, or a romantic dinner, you should know that Konyaalti Beach is packed with high-quality cafes, bars, and restaurants. You need to climb the beach stairs and you will see dozens of eateries available for your choice. 

Cafes and restaurants on Konyaalti Beach are expensive. It is a touristy place. Plus, Konyaalti is the most expensive and high-end place in Antalya. Therefore, you should expect to pay good money for a cup of coffee with biscuits. 


Unfortunately, there is no fast food on Konyaalti Beach. If you crave a delicious doner, hotdog, or hamburger, you will have to visit the closest cafe or restaurant. Expect high prices. 

On Konyaalti Beach, some guys sell midyas and corn. You can cheaply buy and eat them as a snack on the beach. Apart from midyas and corn, there isn't any fast food available on Konyaalti Beach. 

The municipality of Konyaalti tries to maintain the high-end and luxurious status of the Konyaalti district. Therefore, fast food isn't widely spread in that place. 


If you want to go to a supermarket and buy some food, drinks, and snacks while relaxing on Konyaalti Beach, the nearest Şok Market is the best choice. You will have to walk at least 1 km to reach Şok Market. 

If you don't mind paying a 100% higher price for water, drinks, and snacks, you can cross the road and buy anything you want. Keep in mind that all stores and markets close to Konyaalti Beach are very expensive. While a 1.5-liter bottle of water would cost you 2.5 TL in Şok Market, you will pay 5 TL for a 0.5-liter bottle near Konyaalti Beach. 

While relaxing on Konyaalti Beach, I was always visiting the nearest Şok Market and buying food, drinks, and snacks there. Paying a higher price for something I can get much cheaper isn't something I appreciate doing. 


Unfortunately, Konyaalti Beach doesn't have any inbuilt umbrellas. Thus, you will fry under the sun if you don't bring your personal umbrella with yourself. Paid sections of the beach have deckchairs and umbrellas. However, if you hope to find a free umbrella on Konyaalti Beach, you will be disappointed. What is more, there are no umbrellas for rent. It is one of the major disadvantages of Konyaalti Beach. Thus, don't forget a wide umbrella if you plan to spend some time on Konyaalti beach during a day. 


Camping on Konyaalti Beach is completely legal and widely-spread. Loads of people pitch their tents on the beach. It is free to build your tent on the beach. You can sleep there and spend as many days as possible. Konyaalti Beach is a public beach which is completely free and open for locals and foreigners.

Camping on the beach is more common in summer and late spring. If you come to the beach and pitch your tent in autumn or winter, you will be the only person camping on the beach. Thus, you will feel uncomfortable. The best time for camping on Konyaalti Beach is summer. 


Konyaalti Beach is situated on the Mediterranean coast. Swimming in the Mediterranean sea is absolutely safe. There are no sharks, crocodiles, whales, jellyfishes, and sea urchins. The sea is completely safe for swimming. 

I am a veteran of Konyaalti Beach and I have never seen or heard even a single case of someone being hurt or injured by sea animals while relaxing on Konyaalti Beach. 


Konyaalti Beach is 100% safe. You don't have to be worried about robbers, criminals, scammers, and other shady individuals while relaxing on Konyaalti Beach. This place is one of the safest beaches in the world. 

Konyaalti beach police regularly patrol the beach. This is why there is always a strong order in the place. I haven't been a witness of crime even once while having rest on Konyaalti Beach. Of course, visitors of Konyaalti Beach aren't angels. There are a lot of people with bad intentions everywhere. However, the efficient work of the Konyaalti police makes the beach a very safe place. 


Winter is a cold and rainy time to visit Konyaalti Beach in Antalya. However, if you are in Konyaalti in December, January, or February, you can visit the beach, have a walk, and look at the sea. The water in the Mediterranean Sea is too cold during winter. 

In the spring months, Antalya is very rainy. Konyaalti Beach gets very windy during March and April. In May, the beach has almost perfect weather. However, the water in the sea is still a little bit cold for swimming. 

Time from July to November is ideal to visit Konyaalti beach. In July, the water in the sea gets very warm. However, you will need to visit the beach during certain hours since it is scorching hot on the beach. If you enjoy sitting in the hot sun for days long, then you don't need to follow this advice. Otherwise, I recommend swimming early in the morning or after 17-00. During these hours, the water is still very warm, and the sun is not as hot as during midday. 

Early autumn is also a very good time to visit Konyaalti Beach. During this time, the sea is much warmer than in July and August. Plus, the weather is less hot than in summer. 

This is all the information and knowledge you need to have in order to enjoy pleasant and unforgettable holidays on Konyaalti Beach. Did I miss something? Please, share your thoughts in the comments below.  

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