urban camping in antalyaAntalya is one of the most beautiful and welcoming cities in the world. Personally, it is my favorite city in Turkey. Antalya has seas, lakes, bays, gorgeous beaches, and even mountains. I love this city very much. Antalya is a tremendously popular travel destination. Millions of people visit the city every year. 

Since the city is always bustling with activity and packed with tourists, in the peak season, all hotels and hostels are full. Even if there is an available place, the prices will be very high. This is why you might be interested in urban camping in Antalya. Moreover, you might be a hardcore backpacker like me who loves camping everywhere. And cities are not the exception. 

In this blog post, I will tell you about the best places in Antalya for urban camping. Yes, you heard it right. You can come to Antalya and skip booking a hotel room. These urban camping places in Antalya are awesome and you will enjoy your holidays in this sunny city. 


Konyaalti beach is one of the two main beaches of Antalya. This beach is situated on the western side of the city. The length of this wonderful beach is 13 km. Konyaalti beach is mainly composed of pebbles mixed with sand. The water near the beach is crystally clear. 

Konyaalti beach in the morning

Konyaalti beach early in the morning

Konyaalti beach is always full. In the mornings, afternoons, and nights, there are always a lot of people on the beach. During winter and early spring, the beach is almost empty. Only a small number of foreign tourists visit Konyaalti beach during the cold time of year. In winters and early springs, Antalya is windy and very rainy. Therefore, the beach isn't as populous as in summer. 


If you come to Konyaalti beach in summer or early autumn, you will see hundreds of people there. In the afternoons, it is too hot to stay in a tent while on the beach. Most beach visitors hide under umbrellas during hot times of the day. At night, some people start pitching tents on the beach. Mostly, these people are Turkish citizens from other cities of the republic. Also, there are a lot of Iranian tourists staying in tents on Konyaalti beach. 

Thus, you will feel very comfortable building a tent on Konyaalti beach. I know it feels abnormal to do something whilst nobody is doing that thing. If you are the only person on a beach who is pitching a tent, then you might feel not enough good. But when there are five tents nearby, you will feel relaxed and confident while pitching a tent on a beach. Don't worry. You won't be alone. There are a lot of campers on Konyaalti beach. 


Konyaalti beach is a public beach in Antalya and it is free. What is more, camping and sleeping on the beach are absolutely legal. I have been to this beach in different months dozens of times. Nobody disturbed me there. Police patrols the area, but they don't disturb the beach visitors with their presence. 

You can confidently camp on Konyaalti beach and be sure that nobody will disturb you. If you don't want to stay at a hotel, come to Konyaalti beach, pitch your tent, and have a very good sleep. The beach is safe. 


Camping on Lara beachLara beach starts in one of the eastern suburbs of Antalya. It is a very long and wide beach. The beach is situated far away from the center of Antalya. Usually, Lara Beach is portrayed as a luxury beach with crystally clear sand and water. In reality, you will see an absolutely different picture when you come to the public Lara Beach

Lara beach camping

This is how I found Lara Beach in summer 2022

When I first came to Lara Beach, it was packed with hundreds of tents. It was during the Eid holidays in summer. I have never seen such a big huge concentration of tents in one place. The campers were with families. They were cooking food and relaxing on the beach. The beach didn't look luxurious at all. It looked like a tent camp. 

Urban camping on Lara Beach

Lara Beach doesn't look as luxurious as it is portrayed on the Internet

Lara Beach is far away from such important Antalya districts as Konyaalti and Muratpasa. Also, there are no stores nearby the beach. But if these factors aren't important to you, you can comfortably urban camp on the beach. There are far more tents on Lara beach than on Konyaalti beach. Thus, you will feel more comfortable camping on Lara beach. 

These are some of the best places for urban camping in Antalya. Muratpasa beach is another theoretically possible place for urban camping. However, I have heard that it is not safe. Thus, I would restrain myself from recommending that beach for urban camping. 

There are far more beautiful and safe places for urban camping in Antalya. I will be updating this blog post by adding new wonderful locations for urban camping in Antalya. 

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