interacting with locals while travelingTraveling is the most favorite thing in my life. I wanted to write that traveling is my favorite hobby, but I would make a mistake if I wrote so, because traveling is the best thing I have in my life. I am not brave enough to tell that traveling is the best thing in our lives, because everyone has different values and ideals. However, no one will argue that traveling is a wonderful thing. I like this life because there is such a thing called 'travel'. If there was no traveling, I would prefer to die because it is too boring to live in one place for a long time. Let me describe the advantages of traveling in another article. Right now, I will try to cover the main theme of this post.

The main perspective of traveling is enriching your soul with new knowledge, new experience, new communications, a new worldview, and cultures. Traveling widens our minds and makes us more open-minded. The best way to gain all the above-mentioned goods is to communicate with new people. Exactly, interacting with locals will let you achieve your travel goals. People are sources of different cultures and if you want to enrich yourself with a foreign culture you should communicate with local people. I am so happy to know that there are so many different nations and cultures around the world. Just imagine yourself if we lived in a world where there is only one nation! It would be so annoying and tedious. I just cannot picture all my life with the same people. Day by day you see the same people with the same thinking and mentality! What can be more boring? If you are traveling abroad just forget about your country and the people who live in it. You should travel to enrich your thinking. Travel makes great changes in a personality and worldview of an individual. If you go somewhere and refuse to contact local people because you are a nationalist or a parochial patriot who considers his country to be the center of the universe you are losing all joy in your travel. If you have no motivation to interact with local people let me enumerate some of the benefits of multinational communication and friendship.


When you live in your motherland and never move anywhere else, you will have your thinking limited. While considering dissimilar things you use banal and widely-spread thinking templates which are popular in your country. Usually, a country uses brainwashing methods to assure its citizens that their country is the most excellent in the world. If you ask a citizen of a poor country that belongs to the third world the following question: “What is the best country in the world?” He will self-assuredly answer you that his country is the greatest in the world. His thinking is a result of government brainwashing. If you communicate with local people you will learn new things about their culture, history, and religion. Thus you will enlarge your knowledge.


Yes, multinational communication is very interesting. Communication with a person is like a book reading. The more you communicate with him – the more you know him. When you know everything about people, it becomes uninteresting and sometimes even impossible to have any further contact. in a minute imagine yourself reading the same book every day for a long period of time. Those people who do not travel and spend most of their time in their homelands lose incredibly joyful and fascinating life. Generally, a person is interested in something which is unknown to him. Sometimes I question myself how can it be interesting to live in one particular country for several years. I understand that there are some people who have no ability to travel because of numerous serious reasons. For example, when you have a big family and lots of children you have a great responsibility to them. You are responsible for your family and children. I am not married yet and I have no children because I know that I am not ready to settle down in one particular country and spend all of my time with my wife and children. I will be easily bored by this lifestyle. So the second benefit of international communication is interest.


Usually, our thinking and worldview are constrained by the borders of our country. We see opportunities that are present merely in our place of living. None of the present countries on the globe can offer you all possibilities which exist in the world. You will see that there are different business and commerce opportunities in some different regions and countries around the globe If you want to start your new business in a new area you have no choice – you will need to have local friends and business partners. International communication will give abilities to build your new profitable business around the earth. This point is one of the major benefits of communicating with local people. 


While contacting local people you will discover that there are loads of people who have diverse mentalities and worldviews. Some people may seem more generous and kinder than the people who live in your homeland. You will make many conclusions through your international communication. 

There are lots of other benefits which you obtain by contacting local people. The main purpose of travel is to change us. Travelling develops our personalities. It enriches our knowledge, skills, abilities, thinking, and worldview. Traveling is the best thing that exists in our lives. I cannot imagine my life if there is no traveling and international communication.

Written by ProBackpacker
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