benefits of cosmopolitanismWhen I look at the world, I realize that it has a large variety of everything. If we talk about fruits, there are hundreds of different types of fruits. While discussing foreign languages, we realize that the number of different languages existing in the world is tremendously high. Every particular region of the world has a unique flora and fauna. Trees that exist in the Middle Asia cannot be found in Latin America. On the other hand, animals living in South America, do not live in Russia. God created a great variety of everything in the world. He had some serious reasons to do that. I truly appreciate his creation.

To fully enjoy this great versatility and flexibility of the world, all of us should have an appropriate ideology, thinking, and worldview. I find cosmopolitanism to be the most suitable ideology for the people who want to fully enjoy all the wonderful advantages our world has. In this article, I am going to discuss advantages of cosmopolitanism. Let me start right now.


Cosmopolitanism is against all types of radicalism and extremism. Radical people are very parochial personalities. They isolate themselves from all the people whom they suspect to be very evil and dangerous. Thus, all kinds of radicalism mean isolation. A radical person isolates himself from the society he hates and disgusts. Isolation is never beneficial for a person. Have you encountered any groups of people who are isolated from a society? I have met many of them. In most cases, they were religious and nationalistic radicals. They live a very boring, annoying, and limited life. 

Cosmopolitanism develops a person’s mind, intellect, worldview, his intellectual potential. Cosmopolitanism is very beneficial for an individual. Of course, some crazy patriots might say that cosmopolitanism is against socialism, and therefore cosmopolitans are evil people. I have already given my words regarding socialism. I hate that devilish ideology, and consequently, I do not care whether cosmopolitanism is beneficial for a society or not.


Have you ever wondered about the reasons of global repressions against different groups of people? Do you know about the reasons why Hitler killed nearly 6 millions of Jewish people? Are you interested in the thoughts that made Mao Zedong kill 80 millions of people? Why did Stalin repress millions of innocent people? Let me answer these answers. All the evil in the world started from a crazy ideology. All the toughest tyrants were stimulated and motivated by a ridiculous idea that preoccupied their minds. Hitler was killing Jews because of Eugenics. Stalin and Mao were stimulated by socialism. All the evil in the world was caused by some of the craziest and dehumanizing ideologies that were cultivated and promoted among people worldwide.

Cosmopolitanism is an ideology of love and peace. Cosmopolitans are equally kind and merciful to all people living in the world. Cosmopolitans do not divide people into bad and good ones. The ideology spreads love and mercy.


In some cases, this awesome ideology resembles socialism. In socialistic republics, governments and people make no differences between different nationalities, races, and sexes. The same thing exists in cosmopolitanism. Cosmopolitanism teaches people to be open and kind to all people in the world. Thus, it builds a great bridge for international communication. Cosmopolitanism is usually associated with travel. It is absolutely true. Cosmopolitans think themselves to be citizens of the world. While traveling around the globe, cosmopolitans meet different people. Cosmopolitanism makes people more open-minded for any types of international and interracial communications.


Cosmopolitanism makes a propaganda of an international lifestyle. No doubts, a person who is fully international, is a more developed and knowledgeable person than the one who sticks to own homeland. Travel is the best activity to enlarge your knowledge. Intellectual and spiritual developments are impossible if you do not renew your environment. In some environments, a person has everything necessary in order to prosper. Other regions depress and torture a person’s soul. A traveler is a free person. Cosmopolitans are free from all types of crazy ideological ideas. Thus, they are always open for new knowledge and experience.  


Radicals do not have a satisfying life. They are usually pressed by own governments. All types of radicalism and extremism are hated everywhere. Only radicals love other radicals. Some of the nationalist, extremists and other radical people suffer because of own ideas and actions. Political repressions can worsen lives of any people. Radicals are the first victims of every government. Thus, these types of people do not have a happy life. 

Cosmopolitans are not attached to a particular country, radical ideology or movement. Therefore, they do nothing forbidden by any country of the world. Hence, they avoid a huge number of possible problems. No doubts, cosmopolitanism will definitely improve your life. 


Why do we perform specific decisions and actions? Basically, our physical activities are motivated by our thoughts, and our thinking is based on particular ideas and ideologies we have in our mind. Thus, we can conclude that our ideology builds the quality of our life. If you stick to a radical ideology, all of your decisions will be radical.

Cosmopolitanism invites to peace and love. It makes cosmopolitans more open-minded personalities. Cosmopolitans are absolutely liberal in their thinking.

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