advantages of being a foreignerI love traveling very much. Living in the same place for a long period of time makes me depressed, bored, and unmotivated. The brain needs a lot of stimulation to keep releasing happiness neurotransmitters such as dopamine, serotonin, and endorphins. However, to keep functioning properly the brain always demands something new. When new stimuli are not given to the brain, it "rewards" us with depression, apathy, and other negative mental states. Therefore, I stick to regular travel to have my brain stimulated. Apart from a good mental state, being a foreigner has loads of benefits and advantages. In this blog post, I will try to describe some of them.


It is not a secret that local people are always interested in foreigners. As I have told you above, the brain feds up with the same things very quickly. Hence, if you do not provide the brain with new information and experience, its muscles will be atrophied. Locals are usually in a state of boredom if they have not traveled abroad for a long period of time. We know almost everything about the people living in our cities. We know how they think, live, their mentality, their approximate financial income, etc. When you know everything about a person, you will lose interest in him. The exact thing happens to local people of cities where we travel. They are bored with their neighbors, colleagues, and friends. They want to meet new people. This is why foreigners are extremely popular everywhere.

If you love being popular, you will like your attractiveness as a foreigner. Locals will be always interested in you. Sometimes, this popularity will be annoying. Nonetheless, if you are a friendly and talkative person, you will probably love that state of recognition.


Being in an unknown place, knowing nothing about its streets, being unfamiliar with its government, all these factors will make you curious. Are you able to read a book ten, hundred, or thousand times? I have never the same book twice. When I finish reading it, I lose all motivation to read that book again. People, who live in the same country for too much time, read the same book a thousand times or even more. So when you arrive in a new country, you will start reading a new book. No doubt, it will be very interesting till you finish your read.


There are loads of governments that treat their citizens as slaves. Some governments may issue stupid laws and rules. Other governments do not let their citizens go abroad. There are millions of silly things different governments do. If you are a citizen of an unintelligent country, its foreign and local policy will definitely affect your life.

Foreigners are away from their homelands. They don’t care about those silly laws their countries issue. Since they are abroad, those ridiculous laws do not apply to them. What is more, foreigners never care about a policy of the country where they travel. If they dislike something in a country, they will simply abandon it. I am sure this is one of the major advantages of being a foreigner. By being a foreigner, you will get rid of your stupid government.

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